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TRI-Judo Club Resources 

At a time when making all sessions fun and engaging is key, the JudoScotland TRI–judo Club Resource Bag is an ideal tool to assist club coaches when delivering the fundamentals of Judo.

Our TRI-judo Club Resource Bag has been designed to supply clubs with simple equipment that can be easily incorporated through fun activities during each club session.

Each bag contains the following:

  • 20 Dots – 5 x 4 colours
  • 20 Cones – 4 x 5 colours
  • 20 Bean Bags – 4 x 5 colours
  • 20 Belt Tags – 2 colours

How do I receive my JudoScotland TRI-judo Club Resource Bag?

Some clubs have already received the bags when they attended the Class 14, TRI- judo session.

For those clubs not yet in receipt of a Club Resource Bag, please be advised that a free bag will be given to those in attendance at the KAI Club 2016 Workshops. All KAI Club Workshops will focus on the use the equipment to deliver the KAI Club incentive scheme.

For more information on the JudoScotland TRI-Judo Club Resource Bag, contact StephenSomerville@judoscotland.com or alternatively you can call a member of the Business Delivery Team on 0131 333 2981.

Coaching Resources 

2017 Coaching Resources coming soon.