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Skill sCool

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Skill sCool

‘Skill sCool’ is a concept that provides a positive introduction to the exciting world of judo beyond the club environment.

The events will offer opportunities to judoka, volunteers, technical officials and referees to learn new skills whilst delivering a key stage in the development of ‘a life in judo’.

Key to an individual’s development is the introduction to skills, knowledge and experiences at the appropriate stage of their journey, and ‘Skill sCool’ delivers these with a clear focus on fun and enjoyment.

Why Skill sCool?

Skill sCool will provide the platform for the judo community to come together to enjoy several hours of continuous judo activity in a friendly and engaging environment. All the events provide a mixture of coaching, practice and off the mat challenges focused on personal improvement rather than winning and losing.

The Four Key Elements:

  • TRI Judo (Train, Reflect, and Improve) helps to develop essential skills and movements by breaking them down into key areas and activities.
  • Super Hi-5’s provides participants a chance to ‘practice’ their skills and movements with well-matched partners.
  • Mad About Judo offers a mixture of fun physical challenges to improve balance, reaction and power, all essential features of physical literacy.
  • The Energizer Zone encourages rest, rehydration and nutrition as important factors of a healthy lifestyle.
  • To find out how you can get involved in Skill sCool, contact the Business Delivery Team on 0131 333 2981 or check the events pages.