National Referee Seminar 2017

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20 August

National Referee Seminar 2017

Posted: 30/06/2017

The main aims of the 2017 seminar are to disseminate the rule changes implemented by the IJF for the 2020 Olympic period. The seminar will be underpinned by some of the most experienced referee tutors that Great Britain has to offer in their specific field and will allow detailed questioning from the attendees to all the tutors as required.

Venue: Ratho Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, Ratho, South Platt Hill, Newbridge EH28 8AA

Closing date for applications:       13th August 2017

Course Fee:                                £ 15.00

Fee payable to:                           British Judo Association

Return address for application slips:     JudoScotland, EICA-Ratho, South Platt Hill,Newbridge, Scotland. EH28 8AA

Course suitable for referees seeking to gain revalidation.

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