Sally Conway

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Sally Conway

  • Weight: -70kg
  • Grade: 2nd Dan

Major inspiration?

Too be the best I can be and to end my career with no regrets. My biggest inspiration is to be happy with or with out the medal/medals I aspire to achieve.

Favourite judo memory?

 I am so lucky to have lots of great memories being involved in Judo.  But my favourite is when I was a lot younger getting to spend time and travel up and down the country  with my Dad and Brother competing and training! We have some funny memories and stories.

What made you start doing Judo?

I wasn't the most confident when I was younger. So my Dad wanted my brother and I to get into some kind of martial art. We tried a few different ones but it was Judo that stuck.

What is your pre-competition breakfast?

Musli with nuts and banana

How do you prepare the night before a big competition?

Pack my bag and check that I have everything I need and get a early night.

What is your training moto?

Always give 100% and be the best I can be!

How would you like to be remembered?

What keeps you motivated and drives you to compete at the level you do?  My Family, friends & coaches have a massive roll when it comes to keeping me motivated. I love what I do buts it’s not always easy. When times are tough I remind myself how lucky I am to be able to train and compete at the highest level when others cannot for one reason or another.

What are your goals for the future?

My goal outside of judo for the future would be to qualify as a sports masseuse and set up my own business and be able to work with sports teams!