Sam Ingram

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Sam Ingram

  • Weight: -80kg
  • Grade: 2nd Dan

Major inspiration?

I suppose my competitive nature    

Favourite judo memory?

Driving a golf buggy around the Paralympic village.   

What made you start doing Judo?

My brother told me to give it a go at our local club, I enjoyed it straight away.

What is your pre-competition breakfast?

 I like to have a simple breakfast, brown bread, ham, cheese. I don't eat anything with a strong taste the day of competition.

How do you prepare the night before a big competition?

I basically get my bag ready, iron my Gi (only for major events). I try and relax and get hydrated.

What is your training moto?

 Every session counts towards the final goal.

How would you like to be remembered?

Hopefully as someone who tried hard and improved though out my career regardless of results.

What keeps you motivated and drives you to compete at the level you do?

Mainly the will to win, I enjoy training and competing but I love winning.

What are your goals for the future?

At the moment my goal is to win the Paralympic Games!

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