How do I Join ?

I have just started Judo. How do I become a member of JudoScotland?

If you have recently started judo after your 4th session you are required to take out membership with
JudoScotland to maintain your individual insurance, and the opportunity to further your Judo training. You will need to complete the form attached below and ask your club coach to confirm that you are a member of a club and what grade you are. Once this is completed, please post the form along with the relevant payment into JudoScotland. The membership will take 5 working days to process and your new membership along with record book, badge and certificate will be posted to your home address.

After you become a member JudoScotland will send you a membership renewal reminders a month before your membership expires. You can then renew your membership and pay over the phone or post the reminder slip back.

Membership Form


What are the membership categories?

There are six categories of membership:

  1. Junior (Under 8) membership is available to members aged five, six or seven and is renewable annually. Where the member is aged seven when taking out this membership they may take part in competitive judo after their eighth birthday.
  2. Junior membership is available to players aged between eight and fifteen years old (inclusive) and is   renewable annually.
  3. Senior Membership is issued to members aged sixteen and over, and is renewable annually.
  4. Three Family Memberships - which include Kids Under 8, Kids Junior and Kids Mixed – these are for family combinations – see below.

How much do I pay? Prices as of 1 March 2012

Membership fees, which are non-returnable, include postage at current second class rate. JudoScotland offer membership discounts and replacement licences/record books. If you have lost your record book and licence, replacement fees are as follows;

Description Amount £
Junior (Under 8) Membership 15.00
Junior Membership 22.00
Senior Membership 32.00
Kids Under 8 : Two Children under 8 28.00
Kids Junior: two under 16 but over 8 42.00
Kids Mixed: one child under 8 and one under 16 35.00
Overnight/Express Processing 6.00
Duplicate Licence 1.50
Blue book (record book) 3.50
Junior Grading (Kai and Mon) 8.50
Senior Grading (Kyu) 10.50
Dan grading 20.00

How can I renew my membership?

If you are a current member and need to renew your membership you can do it by the following methods;

Online: This can be accessed through the Members Area of the JudoScotland website by entering your membership number and clicking First Time Access.

Post:  If you have received a renewal reminder you can post this back to JudoScotland with your card details or a cheque made payable to ‘JudoScotland’

Phone: You can phone JudoScotland on 0131 333 2981 and renew over the phone. Please have your membership number and card details ready.

Direct Debit: For renewals only.  New members can only pay by cheque, or by phone provided the new membership form is received by JudoScotland first.  Please complete the Direct Debit Instruction and return to JudoScotland with your renewal form.

Note: Please use your/all membership numbers as the reference in the Direct Debit Instruction

Direct Debit Instruction

How long does it take to process?

We aim to process Memberships (new and renewal) within 5 working days and after this your new membership slip and receipt will be posted to your home address.

If you have a change of address it is your responsibility to ensure that JudoScotland have your new address to ensure that you receive all JudoScotland correspondence.

What if I need my membership for a competition?

If you have an upcoming tournament and you need to get a JudoScotland licence urgently please phone the  JudoScotland office and we can process and post you your licence within a day for a £6 administration fee. Alternatively if the licence will not arrive to your home address in time for the competition, if you provide us with the event organiser’s details, we can email the event organisers to confirm that you are a valid member. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your licence is up to date.

I have lost my licence?

If you have lost your licence you need to phone the office on 0131 333 2981 and order a new book and licence. The replacement costs are listed above.

Why do I need a licence?

You need a licence for insurance on the mat.

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