Club Spotlight: Southside Judo

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Posted: 18/07/2018

Southside Judo was established in January 2012 and is run as a non-profit making club, running classes in the Govan and Drumoyne areas of Glasgow. Over six years, the club has grown and now have 40 children on the mat, up to three times each week. 

Head coach, Brian Hewitt set up the club with the objective of giving children access to a sport that teaches them respect for others, whilst also helping them with general fitness, health and wellbeing. Brian said "In additional to increasing fitness levels in our young members, our club aims to promote strong Judo ethics and discipline". 

Brian's vision has always been to make the club fully accessible and inclusive, with no barriers. The club has successfully encouraged diversity, with members from a range of backgrounds; especially encouraging participation in a sport to children who may have otherwise been unable to take part due to financial and social barriers. 

Utilising the various pathways available within JudoScotland, the club provides opportunities for all of its members to develop, whilst also understanding that not all children have the ability or indeed desire to compete. Brian believes that his members should set their sights on performing to the best of their ability in any setting (on and off the mat). 

The exciting work undertaken by Brian to encourage children into Judo continues at local schools where he takes weekly sessions. Many of the girls have also continued their Judo sessions following their attendance at Judo Girls Rock classes. 

This commitment to continually develop and improve the club has been marked by JudoScotland in the past by way of the JudoMARK accreditation. As part of the pilot for the JudoMARK scheme, Southside Judo were also recognised by their local authority, Glasgow Sport and received recognition through their own accrediation scheme, Clubmark.