Telling YOUR story!

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Telling YOUR story!

Posted: 05/08/2019

Judo is a fantastic sport enjoyed by millions all over the world.  We see imagery of medal winners at Olympic and Commonwealth Games, and hear all about their success.  It’s truly inspiring and encourages even more people to take up the sport.

But what happens before this point?  We believe it’s just as important to share the stories happening all around us every day in judo clubs across Scotland.

Which is why we want to hear from YOU for our Club Spotlight feature.

Has your club done something brilliant or unique that you want to tell the world about? Do you have exceptional volunteers? An inspirational young leader? Or perhaps you just hosted a BBQ that got the whole club involved!

It really can be anything…no story is too little or too big to be shared.  Let us know so we can help share YOUR story, and the story of judo-in-Scotland, far and wide!  

Contact for further information on how to get involved with our Club Spotlight feature.