Equality in Judo

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Equality in Judo

JudoScotland are keen to uphold a high standard of equality across everything we do. Regardless of your sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, disability, marital status, religion or belief, you will be welcomed on to the mat.

We recognise, respect and value people’s differences by promoting an inclusive culture for all members; we hope that in doing so we can help all members reach their full judo potential. As a sport, Judo is inherently equal. Every Judoka steps onto the mat in a judogi and will work through the grading syllabus. As an individual, the only visually distinguishing feature is their grade which is displayed through the colour of their belt.  

We have a number of initiatives in place to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in Judo, from our weekly disability hub to our female participation programme. 

Although as a governing body we encourage all member clubs to uphold the same equality principles that we hold ourselves to, we have limited jurisdiction in how they run their club. If you feel unhappy with the level of equality in a specific club, please let us know so we can take relevant action and guide you to an alternative club.

A full copy of our equality policy can be found here.



There are a variety of opportunities available for those wishing to participate in Judo-in-Scotland, including specific opportunities for those with protected characteristics, such as our female participation programme, Visually Impaired Judo and Disability Judo.

A full range of events can be found on the events calendar, which we are continually adding to.


Equality Standard for Sport

JudoScotland has completed and currently holds the Intermediate Level Equality Standard for Sport.

For more information about the Equality Standard for Sport click here.

JudoScotland are committed to reducing inequalities and as such we have signed the Scottish LGBT Sports Charter.