Covid Compliant Clubs

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Covid Compliant Clubs

Become A Covid Compliant Club

As we throw ourselves back into Judo, make sure that your club is Covid Compliant. To give your members peace of mind that their safety is key when they re-enter the Dojo, JudoScotland, along with our partners sportscotland, have pulled together the steps you need to become a Covid Compliant Club.


To become a JudoScotland recognised Covid Compliant club there are five steps that we at JudoScotland are here to help with:

  1. Appoint a named Covid Officer who will complete the sportscotland training. Make sure to register your named Covid Officer with JudoScotland. 
  2. Ensure that your Club Declaration is signed and returned to JudoScotland.
  3. Implement procedures for members to complete indemnity forms.
  4. Make sure that all your coaching staff are valid and insured.
  5. So that everyone knows what to expect when they return to the dojo, promote sportscotland’s ‘Covid-19 Awareness Information’ e-learning to judoka and parents/carers.

If you have any questions or would like some more information about how your club can become Covid Compliant, contact your Regional Development Officer or the JudoScotland Business Delivery Team.


Once You Become a Covid Compliant Club

Once you become a Covid Compliant Club, it is time to let the world know. As indoor sport begins to resume some sort of normality, reassuring your members with compliant status will help to demonstrate to them that you are the right and safe choice. It will also help to recruit new members as the ‘Covid Compliant’ badge will help to set you apart from the competition.

To help you communicate this information we have pulled together a toolkit that will be issued with everything you need to let your members know that your Dojo is a Covid safe place.