Develop Your Judo

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Develop Your Judo

JudoScotland aim to deliver appropriate ages and stage pathways allowing all people that come into contact with our Clubs, initiatives and projects to fulfil their maximum potential and grow into well rounded people.

Develop your Judo houses the various initiatives JudoScotland has in place to help individual judoka make the most of their Judo.


Cluster Club

The JudoScotland Cluster Club sessions give players under 12 of similar abilities a positive introduction to the exciting world of judo beyond the club environment. 

By using a collaborative approach within these regular sessions and adopting an open and inclusive philosophy, coaches will aid the development of the young judoka whilst sharing good coaching practice.

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Welcome to JudoMARK, the accreditation scheme approved by JudoScotland.

JudoMARK is an excellent resource for Clubs to ensure that best practice and progressive development is on-going, resulting in a safe and effective environment for all members.

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Skill sCool

‘Skill sCool’ is a concept that provides a positive introduction to the exciting world of judo beyond the club environment.

The events will offer opportunities to judoka, volunteers, Technical Officials and Referees to learn new skills whilst delivering a key stage in the development of ‘a life in judo’.

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Judo Girls Rock

Judo Girls Rock (The Female Participation Judo programme) is designed to engage with young females – a group underrepresented within our programmes of physical activity as well as on a national scale. Scotland suffers from poor health statistics, around 30% of girls aged 2-15 years are overweight or obese. Female participation rates are poor and research has highlighted that only 41% of girls aged 13-15 in Scotland meet the target of an hour’s physical activity a day.

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In 2011, in partnership with Scottish Disability Sport, JudoScotland created the Judo Inclusion Group (JIG) to take on the role of Disability Judo. The vision of this group was simple, increase the number of people with a disability participating in our sport and to increase the number of coaches working with disability athletes within clubs. The key to success was the education of our coaches and focusing on the clubs ability to cater for athletes with all disabilities.

Following the expansion of JudoScotland, our Governing Body has never been in such a strong position to face the many challenges in recruiting and retaining young athletes with disabilities. Judo Clubs are essential to this development.

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Kai Club

Kai Club is the exclusive club for JudoScotland members aged 5 – 7 years.

If you are JudoScotland member between 5 & 7, you will have received your cool new Kai Club poster and will be ready to start collecting your stickers.

As you work through your poster, your coach will award you a sticker for each section you complete.

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