JudoScotland Cluster Club Sessions

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JudoScotland Cluster Club Sessions

The JudoScotland Cluster Club sessions give players of similar ages/abilities a positive introduction to the exciting world of judo beyond the club environment. 

By using a collaborative approach within these regular sessions and adopting an open and inclusive philosophy, coaches will aid the development of the young judoka whilst sharing good coaching practice. Through each of the sessions we adopt a similar ethos as other events like ‘Skill sCool’, where we look to develop our young athletes both technically and physically whilst providing a social aspect to their participation.

The cluster club gives children from a larger number of clubs the opportunity to participate in regular events together and provide them with something to take back to their own clubs and celebrate their own achievements.

Cluster Club Aims

  • To develop collaborative working within local clubs both on and off the mat environment.
  • To aid the consistent delivery of JudoScotland initiatives such as: Kai Club, TRI-Judo, Skill sCool andJudoMARK.
  • To provide clubs with an understanding of the JudoScotland development pathway.
  • To provide first opportunities for young judoka to practice outside their club environment.
  • To develop the whole player using JudoScotland development ethos.
  • To create a more comfortable transition into the next stage of participation and potentially competition/events.
  • Much like ‘SkillsCool’ the Cluster Club Sessions will also encourage female and male participants to train and learn together aiding the development of both genders concurrently, impacting on a larger group of child development in Judo nationally.

For more information on how to get involved in a Cluster Club session, please call the JudoScotland development team on 0131 333 2981.