Becoming a Timekeeper (Training Course)

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22 July

Becoming a Timekeeper (Training Course)

Posted: 21/06/2021

Becoming a Timekeeper/Scorer is the starting point of your officiating journey in judo.

If you are new judo and/or want to help out at competitions then this is the officiating role for you.

What to Expect 

This course will be delivered initially online and a mentor system will be put into place when competitions are allowed to return. This course focuses on understanding the basics of a judo contest and the role of the timekeeper and scorer plays during competition judo.

On successful completion of the training, programme candidates will be able to act as JudoScotland timekeepers and scorers at British Judo/JudoScotland events and competitions. 

What do you need before you can sign up?

  • Be at least 10 years of age
  • Good communication and ‘people skills’

Training Details
Candidates undergo ‘on the job’ training at a competition in order to become Timekeeper/Scorers. As part of their training candidates learn:

  • An awareness of referee words and signals which require action from them as Timekeepers/Scorers
  • An ability to time keep and score effectively including when to re-set at end of contest
  • An awareness of procedure when osaekomi is on at end of contest time
  • A basic understanding of scoring and penalty systems

How to Sign Up

If you are JudoScotland member you can sign up for this training course via the members zone. If you are not JudoScotland you can sign up by emailing