JudoScotland Contest Recorder Award (Online Course)

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15 September

JudoScotland Contest Recorder Award (Online Course)

Posted: 23/06/2021

JudoScotland is pleased to announce that we are holding a Technical Official Contest Recorders Course which is the second level of officiating, applicants must hold a Timekeeper/Scorer qualification to attend this course.

The training programme for Contest Recorders is normally done over different levels of competitions, building on the elements learned as a Timekeeper/Scorer and focuses in on how to run an officiating table at a competition.

On successful completion of the training programme, candidates will be able to run pools and knockout sections of a competition and run an officiating table.

This workshop will be held over three consecutive Wednesdays in September, which will last between 60-90 minutes.

15th September 2021 Part 1 & 2
22nd September  2021 Part 3
29th September 2021 Part 4
At the end of each workshop, an assessment will be held.

You must complete all three workshops and pass the assessment to gain the Contest Recorder Award. 

To be eligible you should be:

at least 13 years of age
Hold a Timekeeper/Scorer qualification and have been active at a minimum of 3 events since qualification
Good communication and ‘people skills’

What’s involved?

Awareness of legends and scores.
Awareness of usual contest times, osaekomi times and rest times.
How to run a table in general.
How to run pools or compound knockout.
Understand the procedure when a player fails to appear or withdraws (including calling for a player).
Awareness of basic safeguarding.

To book your space, loin to the members zone here.
 If you are a non JudoScotland member please email events@judoscotland.com to secure your place.