The Gathering 2017

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The Gathering 2017

Posted: 13/01/2017

Hiroshi Katanishi is a graduate of Tenri University in Japan, he was recently awarded the grade of 8th Dan by the Kodokan in recognition of his expertise in judo and the variety of work he does in seminars across the world. As well as being a regular on the renowned Italian camp ‘Tre Torre’ Mr Katanishi is one of the busiest experts representing the European Judo Union ‘Improve your club’ programme which is aimed at coaches improving the technical excellence of 8-12 year olds. Mr Katanishi conveys his expertise in a way that is appealing to all, so book now to avoid missing out on the unique Gathering experience.

Venue: sportscotland National Centre Inverclyde, Burnside Road, Largs, Inverclyde, KA30 8RW

Date:2nd & 3rd September 2017

Check in:9am - 10am Saturday

Cost:Please see options on booking form 

This event is suitable for ALL judoka over the age of 14 years and includes groups of club players, competitors, referees, coaches, technical officials and masters.

If you sign up for the full weekend you will receive overnight accommodation within a twin room, lunch, evening meal on Saturday and breakfast on the Sunday as well as some top class judo. However If you can only make it along for one day, please choose one of our day passes. Any judoka over 14 but under 18 can take advantage of the non-residential weekend pass or day passes, if you want to book the full residential you must be accompanied and be responsible to a fully paying adult, for example your coach. This is due to alcohol being available during the evening meal for those age 18 year old and above.

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