The Virtual Gathering

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17 April

The Virtual Gathering

Posted: 16/03/2021

Check-in from 8:45am

Session 1: 9:00 – 9:45 am – Dr Andy Dalziell 

Andy is a Consultant in Bilateral Integration and is a Neuro-Developmental Practitioner, helping infants, children and young adults to achieve their best every day! One of Andy's main projects is Better Movers & Thinkers (BMT), it's a prime resource within the Scottish Education system and it also underpins our -8 development scheme as well as influencing our coach education methodology.

This session will have a short optional practical section 

Session 2: 10:00 – 11:00 am – Allan MacDonald 

Now lead Strength & Conditioning Coach for Scotland Women's Rugby Team, Allan still is sought after for advice on how to make judoka strong. His experience in the Scottish and GB set ups has allowed him to put together his forward thinking ideas on how to create a fundamentally strong platform to allow judoka to build a repertoire of effective judo techniques. This session will have a small optional practical element.

This session will have a small optional practical element.

Session 3: 11:30 – 12:30 pm – George Bountakis

George was the National Coach for Greece at the 2012 and 2004 Olympic Games, and is the former National Judo Coach for Wales. From 1989 - 2015 he was President and Head Coach of the Budo Center Judo Club of Neo Philadelphia in Athens, Greece. As a young judoka, he lived and trained at Tsukuba University in Japan. George's session will be theoretical with a small practical element and will focus on our ability to use rhythm for skill development. George has interviewed a number of the worlds top coaches to research this within his PhD.  

Session 4: 1:30 – 2:30 pm 

Session 5: 3:00 – 4:00 pm 

Hiroshi Katanishi will be joined by fellow Japanese Coaches Yoshiyuki Hirano, Tatsuto Shima, Masaki Negishi & Junna Kikuchi

Katanishi Sensei studied his Judo at Tenri University and went on to coach the national team for France, was technical advisor for Swiss Judo and been the chief instructor at his dojo in Lausanne, Switzerland for more than 30 years. Katanishi leads the 'improve your judo' programme for the EJU and considered a technical expert by his peers across world judo. Katanishi first came to Scotland in 2011 for Camp Alba and has since been to The Gathering twice now to share his methodology. This seminar will see him joined by other Japanese coaches that he has mentored who now take up prime coaching roles across Europe. These practical sessions will assist coaches to develop their own methods for technical development in our young judoka. A sound understanding of their movements will help them with skill acquisition and help them fulfil their potential enjoy a lifetime in judo. 

These sessions will be mostly practical.

Session 6: 4:30 – 5:30 pm – Prof Damian Hughes

'Liquid Thinker' Damian Hughes is the successful author of titles such as The Barcelona Way, How to think like Sir Alex Ferguson, 5 Ways to a winning mindset and How to change absolutely anything. Damian also travels the world as an international speaker and consults with a number of top organisations including Gregor Townsend and the Scottish Rugby team. Damian will bring our day to a close with some helpful advise and tools on how to re-engage as a coach and how to motivate your players after a period of non activity, an entertaining and engaging speaker we are sure you will really enjoy.

This session brings our day to a close, so relax and listen to Damian and interact when appropriate.

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