Bounce Back Grading

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Bounce Back Grading

JudoScotland continue to look at how we can support clubs and members as we collectively progress through the coronavirus pandemic, with the knowledge that remaining physically active is a very positive step towards maintaining good physical, and mental, health and wellbeing. 

We know that a lot of great content is being delivered by clubs in many differing formats, be that via various social media platforms, outdoors or within some Dojo’s.  Therefore, we would like to support clubs to deliver physical activity and development opportunities with an option for judoka to continue through the grading system. 

The ‘Bounce Back Grading’ aims to be malleable to individual circumstance, gradings can be performed within the Dojo, outdoors or even online as we know the Scottish Government Covid Local Protection Levels (tier system) may have an impact on how or where Judo is delivered.

For information on how to apply for a grading license, or other aspects of the grading process, please see the following link:

Below you will find links that provide supporting information around the syllabus including some video clips of how one club coach is delivering online grading content.


Grading Resources

There are a number of resources that could be used by coaches to support members through the grading process:


British Judo have produced some grading videos for mon and kyu grades at the following link:


Koka Kids also have some animations of throws from the gokyo which may be useful:


Finally we have some clips of JudoScotland Vice Chair, and UKCC Level 3 coach, Marc Preston demonstrating one way of delivering grading content for Kai Grades through virtual lessons:

1st Kai                                      

2nd Kai                               

3rd Kai     

4th Kai                                      

5th Kai                                

6th Kai

7th Kai                                      

8th Kai                               

9th Kai