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Judo grades give an indication of the level of the Judoka (judo player). From 1st Kai to 10th Dan, a judoka’s belt should reflect their knowledge and ability. It is important to remember that judo is a pathway, on which the judoka is always learning and improving.  Grading is at the heart of Judo and has its roots in the origin of the sport, when used appropriately, it is a fantastic resource for developing a judoka.

Age Restrictions

With regular study and training the judoka should be able to complete the syllabus by the age of 16. It is however vitally important that they follow the progressive study of the techniques detailed in this syllabus and attempt promotion to the next grade at regular intervals.

Promotion through the Kai grade system can be attempted at the age of 5. The minimum age a judoka may attempt a Mon grade promotion is 8 years old. Judoka can choose to seek promotion under the senior Kyu syllabus on reaching the age of 14.

Judoka aged 14/15 years do not require to take out a senior membership if they choose to seek promotion under the senior Kyu grade syllabus. Players are encouraged to seek advice from their coach on whether they should seek promotion under the Kyu grade syllabus.

Junior Judoka of 1st kyu aged 14 can collect promotion points towards their Dan grade in point scoring competitions, but are not able to enter Dan gradings until the age of 15. Age 15 is also the minimum age they can register for promotion to 1st Dan as specified in the Dan Grade Syllabus.

Grading Badges

As part of your child’s junior membership they will receive various badges for their junior kit as the progress through the grading system. The following diagram shows you were each badge should be sewn.