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Grading Structure

As a senior member you will progress through the Kyu grade syllabus. Like the Mon grade syllabus there are six coloured belts which you will need to work through, to be eligible to move up to the Dan grades and the coveted Black Belt.  

National Grading

Gradings are the back bone of the sport of Judo. Our National Gradings gives JudoScotland senior members the opportunity progress through the Grading system by demonstrating their technical knowledge or through demonstrating their competitive ability.

What to Expect

The JudoScotland National Grading is a full day event, designed to engage our senior members and provide a positive experience. The programme for each National Grading will be:

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Official Welcome
  • Warm-Up
  • Kyu Grade Contest
  • Dan Grade Contest
  • Theory Test
  • Line Ups

JudoScotland aims to host fair, safe and consistent gradings to all who attend. For more information about the next National Grading and how to get involved, visit the events calendar.