History of Judo

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Judo Timeline

The Olympic sport of judo was born in Japan in 1882 and is now practised by more than 20million people across the globe. Judo is based on Kano’s moral code, which is designed not only to make you better judoka but also better people. The code is made up of eight values: courtesy, courage, friendship, honesty, modesty, respect, self-control and honour. 

Judo has been practised in Scotland for decades and has seen success at a Commonwealth and World Events. Follow the timeline below to see a history of Judo in Scotland:

Judo Timeline
  • 1882


    Jigoro Kano presented his new sport Judo, based on ancient jujitsu, but with various dangerous techniques such as foot and hand strikes removed and with some of his own new techniques added. He called this sport Kodokan Judo. The term Kodokan breaks down into ko (lecture, study, method), do (way or path), and kan (hall or place).

  • 1930


    The All-Japan Judo Championships was created and was the first official regularly held Judo championship.

  • 1948


    The British Judo Association was established.

  • 1948


    The European Judo Union was established.

  • 1951


    The International Judo Federation was established.

  • 1956


    The World Judo Championship was created and hosted for the first two year in Japan.

  • 1964


    Judo was first included in the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

  • 1988


    Judo was first included in the Paralympics at the Seoul, South Korea Paralympic Games.

  • 1990


    Judo was first introduced the Commonwealth Games in Auckland, New Zealand.

  • 1992


    Women’s judo was first introduced to the Olympics at the Games in Barcelona, Spain.

  • 1993


    Joyce Heron won the world bronze medal in Canada.

  • 1999


    Graeme Randall became World Champion in Birmingham.

  • 2001


    John Buchanan won world bronze medal in Paris.

  • 2002


    Graeme Randall became Commonwealth Champion in Manchester.

  • 2007


    Euan Burton won world bronze medal in Rio.

  • 2010


    Euan Burton won world bronze medal in Tokyo.

  • 2012


    Sam Ingram won the Paralympic silver medal in London.

  • 2014


    Judo became the most successful Scottish sport at a single Commonwealth Games. Scotland won 13 out of a possible 14 medals in Judo.

  • 2016


    Sally Conway wins Bronze at Rio 2016 Olympic Games, making it the first ever Scottish Olympic Judo Medal.