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Membership fees, which are non-refundable, include postage at current second class rate. JudoScotland offers membership discounts and replacement licences/record books. Please see fees below.

Membership Description Price
Junior (Under 8) Junior (Under 8) membership is available to members aged five to seven and is renewable annually. Where the member is aged seven when taking out this membership they may take part in competitive judo after their eighth birthday. £15.00
Junior Membership Junior membership is available to players aged between eight and fifteen years old (inclusive) and is renewable annually. £24.00
Senior Membership Senior Membership is issued to members aged sixteen and over, and is renewable annually. £36.00
Family Memberships Family Memberships - which include Kids Under 8, Kids Junior and Kids Mixed – these are for family combinations:  
  Kids Under 8 : Two Children under 8 £28.00
  Kids Junior: two under 16 but over 8 £46.00
  Kids Mixed: one child under 8 and one under 16 £37.00
Same Day Processing (before 3pm)   £5.00
Replacement Licence   £1.50
Replacement Blue book (record book)   £3.50