The Exciting World of Judo

Welcome To The Exciting World of Judo

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Welcome To The Exciting World of Judo

Why Choose Judo?

When choosing a new sport there can sometimes feel like too many options. Whether your goal is to increase fitness, improve physical literacy or simply just to become more active, then Judo could be the sport for you. A truly inclusive sport Judo really is a sport for all,  but there is more to Judo than just an Olympic sport:

  • Based on a ‘Moral Code’ of courtesy, courage, honesty, honour, modesty, self-control, friendship and respect;
  • Great for fun and fitness at any age;
  • Teaches physical literacy and the ability to fall safely;
  • A grading system designed to develop skills for all aspects of life;
  • Make friends for life as part of a welcoming community.

Are you ready to find out what makes Judo more than a sport? Scroll down to find a club near you. 

Finding a Club

Ready to give Judo 'a throw'? Now it's time to find a suitable club near you. Use our club finder to find a Judoscotland affiliated club staffed by expert coaches near you. 
Not sure where to start? We have pulled together our guide for parents when choosing a club. 

Become A JudoScotland Member

To unlock the full benefits of the exciting world of Judo, players will need to become a JudoScotland member by their fourth Judo session. As the sportscotland recognised governing body for Judo in Scotland we provide our members with a wide range of benefits including a range of retail discounts, access to JudoScotland events, a national grading system and so much more!

We want to make judo accessible to whoever wants to take part. We're offering everyone in Scotland who is starting Judo for the first time four months FREE provisional membership!