As Seen in Koka Kids

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As Seen in Koka Kids

Posted: 29/11/2017

You may have seen her picture in Koka Kids, but find out more about Rebecca MacLean’s coaching journey with Judo Girls Rock.

JudoScotland are constantly looking to grow and develop our workforce so that we can continue to help our member clubs grow.  We offer support through a variety of initiatives to provide the tools to upskill the workforce of Judo-in-Scotland.

Rebecca MacLean coaches a number of girls in Glasgow through Judo Girls Rock and has recently taken the programme to her home town of Fort William where she has also taken over the local Judo Club.

What do you enjoy most about Judo?

I love everything about Judo. I feel it can have a positive impact on people’s lives. It develops personal confidence, self-discipline, a respect for others and the ability to excel at a sport in different ways whether that be competing or recreational. 

How did you get into coaching Judo?

I first got into coaching Judo when I stopped competing in Judo. I then decided to get involved in the Judo Girls Rock programme because I have a passion for both Judo and promoting girls to get involved in sport.

How has JudoScotland helped you to develop as a coach?

I have worked with JudoScotland to develop both my confidence experience in different coaching settings. I now feel comfortable leading more challenging sessions and I have been able to observe experienced JudoScotland coaches to learn new skills and techniques that I can implement in future sessions.

What’s the best thing about coaching Judo Girls Rock?

Being involved in Judo Girls Rock has been very rewarding for me, I have seen a huge difference in the girls and have developed a close bond with them, seeing them progress has been hugely significant to me. Being able to see girls trying a sport I have loved so much growing up has meant a lot to me as I know what a difference it has made in my own life.

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Have You Done Judo Before?

You don’t need to be a black belt to get involved, there are many opportunities to get involved with Judo in a support capacity from Club volunteer to coach and everything in between.

We need volunteers to help support our coaches on and off the mat, to help deliver Judo to all those that come along and want to take part. We don’t need to be able to run a session, so if you are a bit rusty or just want to encourage others to take part in the exciting world of judo, get in touch with