Club Spotlight: Focus Judo Club

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Club Spotlight: Focus Judo Club

Posted: 19/12/2017

The first club to feature in our ‘Club Spotlight’, is a club that has continuously worked hard to improve the opportunities available for Judoka in their area. Established in 1951 and run by volunteer coaches, Focus Judo Club have established themselves as thriving judo club with over 100 members.  Having completed their JudoMARK accreditation in 2015, Focus Judo Club have shown a commitment to maintaining strict and consistent operating standards with regard to all elements of running their club.

Since then Focus Judo Club have become involved in a variety of initiatives to enhance the opportunities available. Most recently, the Club has managed to engage over 40 girls to the mat on a regular basis through their Judo Girls Rock Sessions. This success has been largely down to working in partnership with Live Borders and their local Active Schools coordinator, Mhari Borland.

But Judo Girls Rock has not just been about getting more girls to the mat, Head Coach, Thomas Hardie said “Dealing with a new group of girls where the focus is not exclusively on judo has helped us as coaches to consider other aspects of teaching and developing children, such as health and nutrition.”

Focus Judo Club have shown a dedication to their players long-term development, having attended a number of Skill sCool’s in the East they have been able to introduce their members into the wider Judo world, easing player apprehension.

Thomas added; “As most children aren’t suited to competition Judo, Skill sCool fills an important gap in supporting, developing and motivating children to continue judo into adulthood. The coaches learn a thing or two as well!”

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