Education Through Cashback

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Education Through Cashback

Posted: 25/01/2017

As part of our cluster club sessions JudoScotland is delighted to offer our first Education Through Cashback (ETC) training workshop. ETC is a Scottish Sport Future programme, developed in partnership with Youth Scotland, that aims to enhance young sports coaches understanding of working with young people and encourage personal development through sport.

Working with Young People in Sport Workshop

This first workshop, delivered by Scottish Sports Future, offers an introduction to working with young people and the role of the coach. The workshop is perfect for all people over the age of 14 that are qualified to level one UKCC or are thinking about going forward to achieve this qualifications.

This workshop was created to ensure that those within the club setting are well equipped to engage and maximise the impact of provision available to them. This ETC workshop will nurture a deeper understanding of the development value of sport and physical activity when working with young people, which can often be challenging due to varying needs and interest. Training will equip young coaches with the skills, understanding, confidence and resources to deliver activities effectively to a range of young people in a variety of setting.

Glasgow 19th February

Edinburgh 12th March