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Fighting Fit

Posted: 16/12/2020


Here we have the Benchmark scores for the Fighting Fit competition.

A huge well done from JudoScotland to everyone who entered!!

With 137 members from over 20 clubs entering scores, we are very happy to see so many members enjoying their physical activity and taking part in the Fighting Fit event.

Don’t worry if you did not get your entry in for this Benchmark round, there is still the final submission date of the 17th of January 2021 if you want to compete, don’t forget there is still the potential of winning some great prizes.

For those who did enter this Benchmark round, you will be entered into a Lucky Dip draw after you enter your Final submission (17/01/21) where 1 lucky member will win a Home Dojo and another member will win 2 Fighting Films Super Star 750 Gi’s (white and blue).

If you did enter a Benchmark score please take a look at the sheets below to see where you sit within your category, there you will be able to see how much work you have to do over the festive period to either hold on to your placing or even improve upon it. If you want to compare your scores with a larger group of competitors please look at the individual event sheets to see how you rank for each exercise against the entire field.

IMPORTANT FEEDBACK – We understand that over the festive period many members taking part in the Fighting Fit event may be training at home i.e. without a coach. With this in mind, we will soon provide some resources in the form of video clips with the help of the National High-Performance Coach Euan Burton to aid members as they work towards perfecting their technique. Understanding the exercise ‘standards’ required for the Fighting Fit event is highly important as we move towards the final, some members may be asked to provide video evidence of themselves performing the exercises to ensure a level of fairness.

Category Leaderboards.pdf

The Bring Sally Up Press Ups.pdf

Rock Around The Clock.pdf

Our Greatest Glory.pdf

The James Brown.pdf

The Gi Shuffle.pdf

The Bring Sally Up Squat.pdf

Fight Length Flyer.pdf

Hang Tough.pdf