Grand Prix Results 2015

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Grand Prix Results 2015

Posted: 21/12/2015

Click on the below links to access the 2015 Grand Prix results and points:

Ultimate  Highland Clyde BUPA Granite Nationals
Results Results Results Results Results Results

Grand Prix Points 2015 Here

Points are awarded as follows:

1 place 60 points
2 place 30 points
3 place 20 points

Point Notes:

  • If a player changes a weight category 50% of the point are carried forward or down
  • Points are only awarded for Bands A - C 
  • Weight categories are listed as per the entry forms and Grand Prix Guidelines which have been used as standard for all Grand Prix events
  • If players fought in a combined weight category then points are awarded to the original weight category entered by the players.
  • Players must fight in order to receive points.
  • A trophy will only be awarded to the winner of each weight category


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