Judo Girls Rock 2017/18 Needs You!

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Judo Girls Rock 2017/18 Needs You!

Posted: 02/08/2017

Want a way to increase your clubs membership, whilst encouraging more females into the sport? Look no further.

JudoScotland in Partnership with sportscotland, Comic Relief, Scottish Sports Futures and Ng Homes are now looking for the next batch of local clubs and coaches to deliver the third year of our award winning girls project.

We want to create opportunities and encourage females to participate in the in the sport of Judo by considering what will inspire girls to enjoy our sport. With this approach we aim to enhance the level of participation of girls in Judo throughout the whole of Scotland.

Programme Outline

The Judo Girls Rock Programme is a 30-week programme and is open to all girls aged between 5-18yrs. each session runs for two hours - 90 minutes of Judo based activities and a 30 minute workshop. These workshops cover various topics such as: Health & Well-being, Cooking & Healthy Snacks, Smoothie Making, Internet Safety, Team Building and Bullying.

The Programme aims to develop:

  • New Female Participation.
  • Female Coaches.
  • Youth Workers - within the community club structure.


Club Benefits

This exciting and widely received programme offers clubs a variety of benefits including:

  • Increased club membership.
  • Multiple training opportunities for clubs coaches and youth coaches.
  • Additional support for the club from JudoScotland RDO's.
  • Additional support from Active Champions & Youth workers.
  • New positive role models for others within the club structure.
  • Participants receive complimentary Judo suits, JudoScotland membership and 1st grading free of charge.
  • All participating clubs receive a coach fee to assist with coach development.



The third year of this programme is a dual funded programme which allows JudoScotland to grow from a West of Scotland based project to a National programme. The programme is funded by a grant that is made under the Scottish Sports Relief Home and Away programme, helping to secure a legacy from the XX Commonwealth Games and is 50% funded by the Scottish Government and 50% by Comic Relief. The other piece of funding that allows the programme to expand to both East and North areas has come from sportscotland supplementary investment to improve equality and inclusion.


To be part of this fantastic opportunity your club must meet the following criteria:

  • Identify Lead Coach who must work as the point of contact and will also be expected to attend the Programme Induction Day.
  • Identify a Youth Coach who will be expected to commit to the 30-week programmes well as various training days throughout the year.
  • Work with a JudoScotland representative in order to create a sustainable model that can be implemented at all sessions allowing the growth of the female membership. 


How Do I Get Involved?


If your club would like to apply to be a part of this programme, please complete the attached application form and return to: stephensomerville@judoscotland.com or call the JudoScotland Business Delivery Team on 0131 333 2981.

Application Form