Judo Girls Rock Skill sCool

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Judo Girls Rock Skill sCool

Posted: 19/03/2018

This weekend we hosted the first ever girls only, Judo Girls Rock Skill sCool! 

This Judo Girls Rock session saw fifty-six girls come together to practice with new people and experience Judo outside the club in a fun and friendly environment. The session was also a great opportunity to show the young girls involved the opportunities available to females in sport with the session being led by award winning Judo Girls Rock coach Rebecca Maclean.

Skill sCool is the perfect introduction for your young Judoka to experience the exciting world of Judo outside the club environment. It is designed with their age and stage in mind, to offer an appropriate non-threating experience, which will help to prepare them for their future in Judo. 

The next Skill sCool is on the 6th May at Kelvinhall Sports Centre, Glasgow and the 19th May at Xcite Craigswood, Livingston.