JudoScotland Announces First JudoMARK Accredited Clubs

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JudoScotland Announces First JudoMARK Accredited Clubs

Posted: 11/06/2015

JudoScotland is delighted to announce the first Clubs to be awarded the JudoMARK accreditation. Endorsed by both the national agency for sport, sportscotland and JudoScotland, the JudoMark helps distinguish Clubs that have a commitment to developing and improving.

Any Club who has achieved this award will demonstrate a solid infrastructure designed to serve the needs of its members, support local sports development and will have met the minimum required standards of its Governing Body.

The first Clubs to be accredited with the JudoMark are:

• Dynamic Judo Club

• Southside Judo Club

Clurankwai Judo Club

• Clyde Judo Club

• Irvine Judo Club

• Titan Judo Club

• Just Judo

Jidel Judo 93

• Focus Judo Club

Sportif Judo Club

Carnagie Judo Club

• Ultimate Judo

This is by no means the finish line for our JudoMARK clubs. By being JudoMARK accredited the Club is committing to maintaining strict and consistent operating standards with regard to all elements of running a Club, from the maintenance of relevant coaching qualifications to facility risk assessments. JudoScotland is committed to helping its JudoMARK clubs continue along this path of good practise and will be on hand to offer ongoing support and initiatives to help them maintain the JudoMARK.

If you are interested in becoming a JudoMARK accredited club or find out more information about the benefits associated with being a member of the JudoMARK scheme contact our JudoScotland Development Team on 0131 333 2981.