JudoScotland Dan Grade Promotions

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JudoScotland Dan Grade Promotions

Posted: 07/11/2019

JudoScotland would like to offer a huge congratulations to all those who have been promoted through the Dan Grade Register. In particular we would like to say a special congratulations to promotions achieved by JudoScotland judoka:

Those JudoScotland members who have accomplished the milestone of achieving 1st Dan are:    

Andrew Bird (Evanton Judo Club)
Colin Stewart (Tayside)
Hannah Kerr
Dominic Zacharias (Garioch Judo Club)
Robyn Mackay (Sportif Kelso)
Henry Clark (Sportif Cupar)
Rheigan Adams (Castle Douglas Judo Club)
Cameron Fraser (Sportif Tranent)
Jake Richardson (Azami (Falkirk) Judo Club)
David Stewart (Dumfries Judo Academy)
Liam Herbert (Jidel Judo 93)
Christopher Farrell (Infin8 Judo)
Hannah Wilson (Hibari-Kan Judo Club)
Fraser Allan (Judo Club Espirit - Alloa)
Alasdair Wedgeworth (Hibari Kan Judo Club)
Manus Dennison (Alloa Judo Club J.S.J.)
Emma Wilkes (Pro-Judo - Palace)
Luke Caldwell (Pro-Judo - Palace)
David Farrell (Jidel Judo 93)
Andrew Gardiner (Sportif Tranent)

Continuing to accomplish on the Dan pathway is a big achievement; on this occasion, there were four promotions from 1st Dan to 2nd Dan, and one promotion to 6th Dan.

2nd Dan:

Benjamin Ford (Tayside Dundee Judo Club)
Del Imrie (Jidel Judo 93)
Jamie Conroy (Edinburgh Judo Club)
Emma Forrest (Destination Judo @ Dunfermilne)

6th Dan:

David McSkimming 

Well done everyone!