JudoScotland July Dan Grade Promotions

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JudoScotland July Dan Grade Promotions

Posted: 09/08/2016

JudoScotland would like to offer a huge congratulations to all those who have been promoted through the Dan Grade Register. In particular we would like to say a special congratulations to promotions achieved by JudoScotland Judoka:

Those JudoScotland members who have accomplished the milestone of achieving First Dan are:

Barry Cunningham      Carnegie Judo Club

Connor Wilson             Clyde Judo Club

George Taylor              Osaka Kwai

Jay Proctor                  Yamarashi Judo Club

Olivia Reid                   Garioch Judo Club


Those JudoScotland member who are continuing to accomplish on the Dan pathway are:

Ronnie Saez 6th Dan.