JudoScotland Update: 30 October 2020

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JudoScotland Update: 30 October 2020

Posted: 30/10/2020

JudoScotland Update: 30 October 2020

JudoScotland members may well have seen a variety of statements and/or announcements over the last 24-48 hours around the Scottish Government’s new Strategic Framework and its implementation for Sport.

At this time, JudoScotland has not received the usual sport-specific advice and guidance from sportscotland that normally comes with the sharing of such information. This has been due to on-going work by the Scottish Government on updated travel guidance/restrictions.

Once the revised advice has been received, JudoScotland will update its guidance documentation and submit this to sportscotland for its endorsement without delay.

Following the receipt of this endorsement, we will circulate this to clubs, coaches and COVID Officer’s without delay.