JudoScotland's skills sCool is recruiting

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Posted: 26/07/2018

JudoScotland is fortunate to have an amazing workforce of volunteers that support the delivery of judo experiences across Scotland (and beyond) and are looking to build on this with the recruitment of three regional Skill sCool teams.

Due to summer holidays, we have extended our deadline to allow everyone who wishes to apply for these voluntary positions the opportunity to do so. 

Skill sCool is a JudoScotland event that provides an engaging and fun experience outside of the club environment. Once young judoka have been introduced to the fundamental skills with which to enjoy the sport, Skill sCool provides an opportunity to add to their judo experiences by mixing with others of the same level, learning new skills, developing existing ones and most importantly having some fun.

Skills sCool provides a ‘first step’ for most young judoka to experience Judo out-with their club environment. The focus of these events is to give judoka more time on the mat learning and improving key judo skills, in a non-competitive environment. It is hoped that Skill sCool will significantly grow the Scottish Judo talent pool further down the pathway.

Such an impact requires a clear focus on the judoka’s enjoyment, and the key to this lies in the enthusiasm, knowledge and skills of the event team. JudoScotland are looking to develop this area of the workforce with full training and ongoing support, providing an excellent opportunity to benefit from the latest research and learning in the areas of sports development and child development.

Within each team are the following four primary roles which are key to the events success, requiring passionate people who can bring the role to life:

·        Voluntary Skill sCool Event Coordinator

·        Volunteering Co-ordinator

·        Voluntary TRI-Judo Lead Coach

·        Voluntary ‘Mad About Judo Zone’ Coordinator

If you feel that you have, or are willing to develop, the necessary skills, enthusiasm and commitment please have a look at the role descriptions available. Alternatively, if you would like to have an informal chat about a role, or Skill sCool in general, please contact Tony or Stephen at JudoScotland on 0131 333 2981.