Member Update

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Member Update

Posted: 15/05/2020

To:         All JudoScotland Members

15 May 2020 

Dear Member,

Scottish Judo Needs You!

We hope that you, your family and loved ones continue to be safe and to enjoy good health in these current, challenging times. My reason for writing is to provide you with a further brief update with regard to JudoScotland and also to seek your support.

Where Have We Come From?

As you may be aware – in line with recent Government guidance - the JudoScotland office is currently closed, with all staff either working remotely, or indeed ‘furloughed’.

When the current crisis arose, one of our very first actions was to implement a complimentary membership extension for an initial 8 week period. We believe that JudoScotland were the only Governing Body of Sport in Scotland to do this and this extension expires on Saturday 16 May 2020.

At the outset we also ensured that we contacted every member club to find out how they were coping and what they believed that we could do to assist them through this period of ‘lockdown’.

Where We Are Now?

We continue to look to support our member clubs, their coaches and members.

In the last fortnight we were the first Governing Body in the United Kingdom to launch a ‘lockdown’ Judo grading opportunity, to allow many of our members to carry on practicing and developing, to continue their ‘life in judo’ and to be ‘virtually’ graded by their club coach whilst in lockdown.

We have communicated this process to every member club and have supplied supporting documentation with regard to the process to allow this to happen. If you would like to participate in a ‘lockdown’ grading, please contact your club/club coach in the near future.

Please note that from our perspective, this opportunity is complimentary for our members and no charge will be made by JudoScotland.

At some point in the not-too-distant future, Judo will return to Scotland – but only once it is safe to do so. On this basis, we have created some supporting resources for our member clubs to assist them to recommence their activity once again when the time is right. This has started to be rolled out to member clubs and will continue over the next week to 10 days.

We also continue to communicate with our members via our various social media platforms. To date our ‘Technical Tuesday’ videos created and presented by sportscotland institute of sport Assistant High Performance Judo Coach, Takafumi Kitahara have proved very popular, alongside our ’Throwback Thursday’ posts identifying some of the early pioneers and noted judoka and clubs from days gone bye.

Where Are We going?

Along with other Scottish sports bodies, we have met with sportscotland, Active Scotland and the Minister for Sport to look at ways that sport - in our case Judo – can emerge from the current lockdown at the earliest and safest possible opportunity. This work continues.

As highlighted previously, one of our very first actions at the outset of the current crisis was to implement a complimentary membership extension for our members. Myself and my fellow Board members are now in the position of seeking your support as we move forward in these challenging times, so that we can continue to support our members – both club and individual.

JudoScotland membership is already one of the most cost-effective Judo memberships within the United Kingdom. I am therefore writing to ask that you continue to support JudoScotland by renewing your membership with us.

By way of a ‘thank you’, any member renewing their JudoScotland membership will benefit from an additional, complimentary three months of membership, added onto the end of their membership period. This additional membership benefit is applicable only for a limited period of time.

Contacting JudoScotland

Although the front doors to the JudoScotland office may be currently closed, we continue to be ‘open’ on an alternative basis and still available to assist member clubs and individual members. In terms of contacting us,  it would be appreciated if you could forward any enquiry via email ( and your query will be directed to the most appropriate person to respond.

We hope that JudoScotland can continue to rely on your valued support during this current, challenging time for us all and would like to thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

We wish you the very best of health and look forward to seeing you back on the tatami at the earliest possible opportunity.

For and on behalf of the JudoScotland Board

Ronnie Saez, 6th Dan