National Grading

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National Grading

Posted: 23/11/2015

This weekend saw another successful National Grading at the Glenrothes Martial Arts Centre, with seven Judoka achieving their Dan grade.

The belt system is one of the distinctive features of Judo. The time-honoured distinction is between Kyu (student) and Dan (advanced) grades, marks the point at which the emphasis shifts away from the acquisition of technique on to its effective application

Those who achieved their Dan grade were;

1.         Jamie Conroy, Edinburgh JC.

2.         Jamie Renwick, Edinburgh JC.

3.         Ross Carswell, Irvine JC.

4.         Daniel Green, Tams Brig JC.

5.         Ewan Paul, Sportif JC.

6.         Paul McClarty, Cluarankwai JC.

7.         John Robertson, Osaka Kwai JC