Return to Sport (Phase 2) UPDATE: 6th July 2020

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Return to Sport (Phase 2) UPDATE: 6th July 2020

Posted: 07/07/2020

Scottish Government Guidance: Return to Sport (Phase 2) UPDATE

Please find attached for your information an updated version of the Scottish Government guidelines for a ‘Return to Sport/Judo’ (Phase 2).

This updated guidance is based on:

·       The Scottish Government updates/announcements made last week and;

·       the updated guidance and interpretation received from sportscotland.

In reality there have been minimal updates to the documentation in terms of Judo and these have been highlighted in yellow for ease of reading/identification.  Please click the link below to view the document.

Return to Sport Document Phase 2 6July20 UPDATE.pdf

Scottish Government Guidance: Return to Sport (Phase 3)

This Thursday (9 July) sees the Scottish Government require to review the progress out of lockdown.

By general consensus, we are expecting some form of statement by the First Minister regarding entering Phase 3 out of lockdown. Whether this will reflect a full adoption of Phase 3, or a few initial steps towards it – we do not know at this stage.

Once we know what has been announced – and received further guidance/interpretation from sportscotland -  we will be in a position to create a Phase 3 document for Judo to reflect any announcement(s) made and to submit this to sportscotland/Public Health Scotland for their ratification.

We have to be completely honest at this stage and reflect that unless there is a significant change of position by the Scottish Government, the resumption of Judo, as recognised and practiced prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, will not re-commence until Phase 4.