Spotlight on Sally Conway

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Spotlight on Sally Conway

Posted: 20/10/2021

To celebrate #ActiveGirls and Scottish Women in Sport Week this October, we asked Olympic bronze medallist and Bounce Back Festival headliner Sally Conway a few questions about her judo journey so far.

Q1. You have reached outstanding success in your competitive Judo carer, but how did your Judo journey start?

"It all started at my first club in Thornbury. At Thornbury Judo Club with my first Judo coach; Stan McCarthy. 

I didn’t even know what judo was when I turned up for my first session with my brother and Dad. I stepped onto the mat not knowing anyone. It was only me and one other girl on the Mat but it didn’t matter. Everyone was treated the same. It wasn’t even a thing. We were made to feel so welcome and everyone looked after us. It was really enjoyable. Had so much fun learning a different sport. I loved it from my very first session. Couldn’t wait for the next one." 

Q2. What’s been the highlight of your career to date?

"My career highlight would have to be the Rio Olympic Games in Rio 2016 where i won a bronze medal. The whole day went so well. I performed well & I felt like everything came together for me physically and mentally. I was fighting in the moment. Taking 1 fight, 1 exchange at a time & enjoying the whole experience from start to finish. 

It took a lot of work to get to this point. A lot of learning from past experiences and putting in the hard work to get better but it was 100% worth it for this moment."

Q3. Sport can have a positive impact on physical, mental and social health across all stages in life. For you what do you enjoy most about Judo and sport in general?

"Judo is definitely a sport for all! I think this is what I love most about it. The sport attracts so many different types of people from lots of different backgrounds and upbringings. You can be of any age, shape & size and get involved in Judo. 

Judo teaches you respect and discipline. 

Judo is a hard sport. But a brilliant one. 

I have made so many lifelong friends through Judo. I feel very lucky to of come across Judo all those years ago. I wouldn’t change my Judo journey for the world." 

Q4. As someone who has been involved in sport at the highest level, what advice would you give to young women and girls starting their Judo journey?

"Take hold of every opportunity with two hands and go for it! What do you have to lose?!

If it feels right in your heart it probably is. Trust yourself, back Yourself and do what’s best for you. 

Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you and make you happy. 

And most importantly enjoy it and remember why your doing what you're doing."

Sally will be leading a special session at The JudoScoland bounce Back Festival on 13th November, click here to find out more.