The Gathering: Hiroshi Katanishi

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The Gathering: Hiroshi Katanishi  image

The Gathering: Hiroshi Katanishi

Posted: 10/02/2017

On the 2nd and 3rd of September JudoScotland welcomes Hiroshi Katanishi for The Gathering 2017.  Hiroshi Katanishi is a graduate of Tenri University in Japan, he was recently awarded the grade of 8th Dan by the Kodokan in recognition of his expertise in judo and the variety of work he does in seminars across the world. As well as being a regular on the renowned Italian camp ‘Tre Torre’ Mr Katanishi is one of the busiest experts representing the European Judo Union ‘Improve your club’ programme which is aimed at coaches improving the technical excellence of 8-12 year olds. Mr Katanishi conveys his expertise in a way that is appealing to all, so book now to avoid missing out on the unique Gathering experience.

Although Hiroshi Katanishi sessions are an opportunity not to be missed, The Gathering weekend is about so much more. It is a chance for the Judo community to come together and enjoy each other’s company on and off the mat.  As well as hosting a variety of sessions, workshops and seminars, The Gathering 2017 will also host the JudoScotland Coaching and Volunteering Awards. 

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