The Gathering: Technical Excellence - what's it all about?

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The Gathering: Technical Excellence - what's it all about? image

The Gathering: Technical Excellence - what's it all about?

Posted: 16/08/2019

You asked and we delivered! As an extension of our annual The Gathering event, we’ve introduced The Gathering: Technical Excellence sessions as a tool for further development. 

The Gathering is our annual event which allows judoka both young and old, as well as coaches and players, to learn from world-renowned experts in judo. Development is a recurring theme through the years for any judoka; the importance of developing a judoka’s fundamental movements to a high level of performance and understanding is high, to allow them to perform techniques in a skilful manner. 

 The Technical Excellence sessions were created as an extension of The Gathering and continue to deliver the principles of Kuzushi, Tsukuri, Kake & Kime for each Tachiwaza (standing) technique. Each session covers a different area such as: 

  • Throws to the front on two feet
  • Throws to the front on one foot
  • Throws to the rear
  • Ashi-Waza
  • Sutemi-Waza

with a further look at 

  • Osaekomi-Waza
  • Kansetsu-Waza / Shime-Waza

Tachiwaza principles description

Preparation: Preparatory movements moving Uke into an unstable (disadvantageous) position.
"An action to unbalance Uke in preparation for throwing".

“Fitting in”: The final un-stabilising action
"An action to set up a throw after breaking the Uke's balance".

Execution: The application of force to execute the throwing action
"An action used to execute a technique such as a throw after breaking the Uke's balance and setting him in a disadvantageous position".

Completion: Controlled finalisation of the throwing action
"An action that completes a technique such as a throw decisively using good form".

Our next session will be with JudoScotland head coach and double world medallist & Commonwealth Champion Euan Burton MBE who will be concentrating on throws to the front on one foot (Uchi Mata, Harai Goshi) and also Osaekomi-Waza. As above, this session is designed to ensure that the judoka has a full understanding of the principles mentioned, as well as a sound understanding of basic body control, positioning and the application of force in Newaza.

The Gathering: Technical Excellence with Euan Burton MBE.

Date: 26th August 2019
Venue: JudoScotland, EICA-Ratho, Newbridge, EH28 8AA
Cost: £10

How to book?
You can book through the Members Zone or by calling the office on 0131 333 2981.
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