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The JudoScotland Coach to Club Connecter

Posted: 13/07/2021

Have the demands of Covid got your club struggling with coaching capacity?

Are you a qualified Judo coach looking to expand your remit?

We know that every club is different, with varying needs and that the pandemic has brought many challenges. If you are a club struggling with coaching capacity or a coach that is looking for a new or additional coaching challenge, let us help you find your ‘match’.

By registering your interest we will help to match clubs looking for additional coaches with qualified Judo coaches looking to expand their remit or provide class cover. Together we can help the Scottish Judo community bounce back from Covid- 19 and avoid any unnecessary club closures.

I am a qualified coach why should I consider this opportunity?

Taking on a new challenge or taking on some extra responsibility in addition to current coaching duties could give you valuable development opportunities. By connecting with clubs who are suffering because of the impact Covid-19, you will also be part of the regeneration of Scottish Judo following the strain of the pandemic.

If you would like to learn more about the opportunities available or become involved please contact or