Updated Guidelines for Scottish Government Strategic Framework: 31 October 2020

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Updated Guidelines for Scottish Government Strategic Framework: 31 October 2020

Posted: 31/10/2020

Following endorsement received from sportscotland earlier today, JudoScotland are now in a position to circulate revised guidance for Judo-in-Scotland, in order to fully align with the Scottish Government’s new Strategic Framework to combat the Coronavirus.

The revised guidance is contained within two documents:

  • A short document entitled ““Five Tier Guidance for Judo-in-Scotland”, which summarises the main points relating to the practice of Judo-in-Scotland from Monday 2 November 2020 and;
  • A reference document providing wider information, support and acting as a reference resource for a member Club, coach and/or Club COVID Officer around the latest Scottish Government guidance. 

At the present time we have been advised that there is further work being conducted by the Scottish Government around updated travel guidance and we will update our documentation further once this is received.

In the current, evolving situation please also remember that further individual support is available by contacting a member of JudoScotland staff:

  • Sam Ingram, Regional Development Officer - e: samuelingram@judoscotland.com; m: 07738 846529
  • Luke Struthers, Regional Development Officer - e: lukestruthers@judoscotland.com; m: 07738 846527
  • Tony Penfold, Head of Business Delivery - e: tonypenfold@judoscotland.com; m: 07949 888074

 JudoScotland continues to work with a wide range of partners - including the Scottish Government, sportscotland and other Scottish Governing Bodies of Sport - to support plans for the continued safe return of sport-in-Scotland, in line with the latest public health guidance.

Your health and safety and that of your loved ones continues to be the priority and we would urge all JudoScotland Clubs and their members to continue to adhere to the current public health guidance from the Scottish Government.