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JudoScotland aim to deliver appropriate ages and stage pathways allowing all people that come into contact with our Clubs, initiatives and projects to fulfil their maximum potential and grow into well rounded people.

Throughout our “Life in Judo Model” JudoScotland aspire to provide various pathways that will allow our members many opportunity to development their self through doing judo.

Long-Term People Development (LTPD)

Long–Term People Development is a framework which has been developed with the intention of increasing overall participation in sport and physical activity. The framework takes into account individuals’ ability, through a multi-stage pathway guiding individuals’ journey through sport and physical activity from infancy to adulthood.

This framework has been developed from the Candian Sport 4 Life LTPD – Long-Term Player Development or LTAD - Long-Term Athlete Development but at JudoScotland we believe that it’s the people that become the players and it’s the people that are important.

Click Here to learn more about the Canadian Sport 4 Life Model 


Active Start

0-6 Years

Active Start

Although JudoScotland doesn’t have any specific programme designed for under 5’s we encourage active play as great preparation into an active lifestyle.

Active play is any form of regular physical activity that babies and children do, which includes moderate to vigorous bursts of high energy which raises their heart rate.



Girls 6-8, Boys 6-9




Learn to train

Girls 8 - 11, boys 9 - 12

Learn to train



Train to Train

Girls 11 - 15, boys 12 - 16

Train to Train



Train to Compete

Girls 15 - 21, boys 16 - 23

Train to Win

Girls 19+, boys 19+

Active for Life

Any age participant