The next Masters session is on 18th June at JudoScotland’s National Training Centre.

Training sessions are held once a month and all Masters are welcome to join whenever they can.

To support administration and preparation for sessions, registrations and payments (£5pp per session) will now be made online here, using Just Go, JudoScotland’s membership portal.

If you have a JudoScotland membership already, the process is simple. Log in to your account, using your membership number as your username and complete the event ticket for the session you wish to attend. If you don’t have a JudoScotland membership, follow the sign-up to become a member, following the prompts to get a JudoScotland membership.

If you are a member with another national association who is visiting for the Masters session, please contact us on 0131 333 2981.

Thank you in advance for your help as we transition to a new registration process to ensure that all participants are covered by relevant membership and insurance. And of course, if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact JudoScotland.

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