Dan Grades

The Dan grades

The Dan grades are often seen as the ultimate achievement for a judoka. However, reaching the Dan grades is just the start of the next chapter of your Judo journey. With ten grades within the Dan grade syllabus, judoka are required to demonstrate excellence over a cross-section of other players competing at the same level.

Dan Grade Syllabus

Learn the techniques you need to progress through the Dan Grades.

Dan Grade Syllabus

National Gradings

Gradings are the backbone of the sport of Judo. Our National Gradings gives JudoScotland senior members the opportunity to progress through the Grading system by demonstrating their technical knowledge or through demonstrating their competitive ability.

What to Expect

The JudoScotland National Grading is a full-day event, designed to engage our senior members and provide a positive experience. The programme for each National Grading will be:

Opening Ceremony
Official Welcome
Kyu Grade Contest
Dan Grade Contest
Theory Test
Line Ups

JudoScotland aims to host fair, safe and consistent gradings to all who attend. For more information about the next National Grading and how to get involved, visit the events calendar.

Useful Information

Competitive Exam SheetTechnical Exam SheetTechnical GuidelinesDan Grade RegisterRegistration

For further details or information about Dan grading visit the British Judo Association website here.  


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