Adaptive Online Courses

Welcome to our new online workshops designed to upskill coaches in inclusive judo. These workshops offer an exceptional opportunity to enhance your coaching skills and knowledge, focusing on the unique needs of athletes with disabilities. Through these workshops, you can learn at your own pace and convenience, allowing for a flexible and accessible learning experience.

Through these workshops we will cover essential techniques and adaptive methods tailored to working with athletes with a disability, ensuring you are well-equipped to support and develop all athletes. By participating, you will gain valuable insights into creating inclusive training environments, fostering diversity, and promoting equal opportunities within your club.

Moreover, these workshops provide a platform to share experiences, exchange best practices, building a supportive community of practitioners. Ultimately, our online workshops aim to empower you with the skills and confidence to make judo accessible and enjoyable for everyone, contributing to a more inclusive and dynamic sport.

The first adaptive course you can sign up for can be found below:

Creating a neurodivergent, inclusive culture in sport