JudoScotland Teams Up with FabLittleBag to advance Period Support!

JudoScotland is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with FabLittleBag, aimed at breaking the stigma around periods and providing the female judo community with easy access to free period products.

Research consistently shows that periods significantly impact girls’ participation in sports, with alarming drop-off rates in the early teenage years. Periods are frequently cited as a major reason for girls becoming inactive or leaving sports altogether. We are determined to change this narrative.

Through our partnership, every stage of JudoScotland’s talent pathway will be equipped with a FabLittleBag ‘Coaches Bag,’ ensuring athletes have convenient, free access to period products during training and trips. Additionally, we pledge that all our events will be ‘Period Supportive,’ with the provision of products for all athletes.

JudoScotland is also pleased to share that we will offer each affiliated club a Coaches Bag so that members of the judo community across Scotland will have a provision of free period products in their local club (full details below).

We believe this initiative will set a new standard nationwide, making it a priority to create inclusive environments for female judo athletes. We also hope this move fosters greater awareness and education on how periods affect female athletes, and how we can better support them.

Martha Silcott, CEO & Founder of FabLittleBag, commented on the partnership: “We are excited to welcome JudoScotland to our Period Supportive Movement. They are committed to ensuring that their events and performance pathways will positively address period challenges by providing our Coach’s Bags containing free period products and FabLittleBags for easy confident disposal. Leading the way for all their clubs to become more inclusive and welcoming to women and girls ensuring that clubs have our Coach’s Bags which mean that periods are no longer a barrier to participation in Scottish judo clubs.”

Judith McCLeary, CEO of JudoScotland, is equally passionate about the signal that the partnership represents for our female community: “We’re thrilled about our partnership with FabLittleBag and the introduction of free period products for female athletes nationwide. This initiative is all about breaking down barriers and reinforcing our commitment to making judo an inclusive and welcoming sport for women and girls. No judoka should ever feel compelled to leave the sport because of their period. This is a significant step forward as we continue to expand our support for the females in our judo community, and we couldn’t be more excited about the positive impact it will have.”

Join us in championing this cause and making sports more inclusive for all!

Registration Information for Clubs

Alongside the ‘Coaches Bag’, each club that registers will receive an Information Booklet outlining some further resources that can be used by coaches and clubs.

click here to register for your club’s FabLittleBag Coaches Bag