Congratulations to our recently qualified coaches!
Coaches are at the front line of judo and are an integral part of our sport. We are pleased to announce that the following coaches have successfully completed their coaching qualifications and will go on to inspire Judoka to achieve their potential.

Achieving their Level 1 qualification:

Blair Paton – Whitburn

Matthew O’Neill – Invergordon Judo Club

Jocelyn Callaghan – Destination

Mitchell Ramsay – Sportif

Innis Bennett – Sportif

Alasdair Wedgeworth – Hibari Kan

Colin Barr – Hibari Kan

Callam Call – Focus

James Garvie – Tayside

Achieving their Level 2 qualification:

Reanne Wylie – Orkney

Allan King – Carnegie

Andrew Swinburne – Carnegie

Dominic Zacharias – Garioch

Matteo Carlier – Garioch

Xaviere – Hermant – Edinburgh Uni

Mark Goldie – Pro Judo

Liam Herbert – Glasgow Judo Club

Aidan Fairbairn – Sportif

Gavin McNeill – Edinburgh