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As a JudoScotland member you will have access to a variety of benefits, however most importantly you will be covered by Personal Accident & Civil Liability insurance, should anything happening to yourself or your opponent on the mat. For this reason we require that after your fourth session on the mat that you take out a JudoScotland membership.

However it is not just about insurance JudoScotland members will benefit from the follow:

  • Gradings (certificates & badges);
  • Attend/Enter JudoScotland Events;
  • Membership record book;
  • Access to JudoMARK Clubs;
  • Access to performance coaching support;
  • National Team selection(s) Cadet, Junior, Senior & Master;
  • Free subscription to Koka Kids (under 12 years old);
  • Membership to the Kai Club (under 8)
  • Come & Meet events;
  • Skill sCool;
  • Mad About Judo;
  • TRI Judo;
  • Discounted coach Education/Revalidation workshops;
  • Training and Development for Referees and Officials.


How do I become a member?

Becoming a member of JudoScotland is easy. Simply click on the membership area, follow the prompts, fill out your information and tick the declaration box. Alternatively you can download the membership form below, get you coach to sign it to confirm that you are a member of a club and what grade you are and send it back to the JudoScotland office with the relevant payment.

On receipt of your membership form, JudoScotland will process in five working days. Once it has been processed we will send out your membership licence, record book, certificate and JudoScotland badge (for under 16 members only).

You are now ready to enjoy the exciting world of judo. It really is that simple.

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