Welcome to JudoMARK

Become a JudoMark Club and access a new level of exclusive club benefits!
  • A JudoMark digital toolkit to promote your club and its achievement of becoming a JudoScotland Accredited Club;
  • Recognised as a ‘JudoMark Club’ on the JudoScotland website’s ‘club finder’;
  • Confidence in the knowledge that your club has up-to-date policies and procedures in place that demonstrate a commitment to the safety and security of your club and its members;
  • Club Accreditation will give you access to Active Schools programmes;
  • A JudoScotland ’Spotlight’ feature on your club, raising its profile both nationally and in your community;
  • Discounted places for JudoScotland CPD events;
  • Free spectator ‘bundles’ for JudoScotland events;
  • Free attendance at the JudoScotland Club Development Conference;
  • Provides an environment that could help increase membership retention;
  • A mechanism for marketing and recruiting new members;
  • Increases your chances of attracting volunteer support.

JudoMark is the accreditation scheme approved by JudoScotland. An excellent resource for Clubs to ensure that best practice and progressive development is ongoing, resulting in a safe and effective environment for all members and the club to realise any potential.
There are many choices for sports providers, parents and children throughout all communities when looking for Judo or any sporting opportunity. Becoming a JudoMark club demonstrates sound governance, leadership and also a commitment to continued development and improvement, which provides a safe and welcoming environment that values its members.

To find out more about becoming a JudoMark club contact your Regional Development Officer.

Contact Your RDO To Find Out More
If you are starting a new club, or would like to continue to develop your existing club, you should ensure that you have everything that is required for affiliation in place and up to date before embarking on your JudoMark journey.


JudoScotland values the hard work of our member clubs without whom we wouldn’t be able to develop Judo in Scotland.


We want to make judo accessible to whoever wants to take part, as a JudoScotland member you will have access to a variety of benefits.


Coaches are at the front line of judo and are an integral part of clubs. We provide continuous professional development for coaches already on the pathway.

"If there is effort, there is always accomplishment."

Jigoro Kano